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Children of August is a 4-minute animated short film adapting a scene from my feature-length script, Peak of August. Set in 1967 Summer of Love, devout but naïve disciple Opal must help her cult leader  escape their Commune without alerting the other disciples as the police close in on them.

I served as the director, storyboard artist, producer,, and concept artist for Children of August.

Concept Art:


Pitch Development:

A collection of Background Designs, Character Designs, Color Designs, and Layouts for "Children of August". Illustrations created in Adobe Photoshop and animated in ToonBoom Harmony

Animatic for "Children of August", created in Storyboard Pro and edited in Premiere Pro.

Story and Pitch Development for "Children of August" used to present and polish the film's concept, style, references, and designs before entering production. Illustrations created in Adobe Photoshop.

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